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photo of pink crane embroidery scissors


While these Bamboo MN scissors struggle to cut thick fibers like the soutache and rat tail, they performed perfectly on all other fibers and were even able to clip seam allowances.  A great choice if you want a rounded-tip safety pair of embroidery scissors.


The scissors evoke a whimsical theme between the stork design and the pretty floral pattern.  I purchased the scissors in pink, but they also come in blue, white, red, purple, and yellow. 

I had a hard time deciding between the pink and red options but chose pink because of my granddaughters’ love of pink.  The flowers are in shades of gold, orange, and darker pink on a light pink background.  The crane embossing runs from just below the pivot point to just above the finger holes.

pink crane body detail photo
photo of rounded tip
another close up of rounded tip

Perhaps the most evident design element is the rounded tip.  Embroidery scissors usually have a very sharp point, but there are definitely good uses for a rounded tip.

  • Teaching a child sewing with her very own (supervised) embroidery scissors that have added safety of rounded tip – they are so cute, she won’t even notice that hers don’t have sharp points like mommy’s
  • To avoid puncturing fabric when clipping thread close to fabric or embroidery work
  • To avoid puncturing yourself
  • To avoid clipping nearby fuzzy yarns
  • Added safety when hands are slightly shaky


These are an average size of 3 5/8 inches in length and 1 ¼ inches from pivot to tips.  They are also average in weight at 22 grams.  Fingerholes measure 0.6 by 0.7 inches (15 x 18 mm).

Smoothness is apparent on all of the exteriors of the scissors except for a bit of roughness at the back of the pivot.

Although they cut through all the fibers tested, they struggled with the thicker soutache and rat tail cording, just as many of the others tested did.

What really surprised me was the clean cuts it made on clipping double-layer cotton fabric seam allowances.  Smooth as butter, even with rounded tips.  Obviously, they can’t clip single machine stitches, but they aren’t designed to do that.

Bamboo MN lists these as having stainless steel blades and handles.

pink crane with fabric


Personally, I prefer a larger pair of scissors, but for their size (which is average), they were comfortable to use and I know any of my granddaughters would love them.  The girly whimsical take on stork scissors is cute and should have wide appeal.


Since they struggled with the thicker beading options of soutache and rat tail, I might skip them for beading.  Otherwise, they would be great for any other applications where rounded tips might be an advantage.


A great option for rounded-tip embroidery scissors.  Cute and available in 6 colors.  I would recommend that beaders who work with thick cords skip them unless they had other scissors for those hefty cords.

pink crane upright photo

Grab your own pair of these Stork Motif Rounded Tip  Embroidery Scissors at Amazon using my affiliate link.

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