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BIHRTC black scissors on white


Nice solid black embroidery scissors in the budget-priced category that feel good in your hand, but are only strong enough to cut thread, yarn, and embroidery floss.


These black embroidery scissors have an attractive embossed design from near the pivot point down to halfway around the finger holes.  They aren’t a stork design, but it is still a pleasing motif.

Weighing in at an average of 22 grams, they are of average size.  The overall length is 3.6 inches, and the pivot to tip is 1 5/8 inches.  The finger holes are a large average at 16x25mm.  That little bit of extra in hole length makes them comfortable to use even with larger fingers.

They are smooth to the touch with just a bit of flattened raise at the back of the pivot screw.

The manufacturer indicates they are made of stainless steel and their weight and feel in the hand confirms that.

If you are looking for a specific color other than black, check out all the colors:

black scissors on blue circle
close up of scissors tips


If you want to cut thread, they do that beautifully.  However, they struggled with denser beading cords, and could not cut the soutache or rat-tail cording.

Likewise, they couldn’t cut the double layer cotton fabric ¼ inch seam allowances and could only get in to cut individual stitches that were long enough to almost be basting stitch length.

Close up of embossing
scissors on blue


Despite their inability to cut fabric or beading cords, I like these scissors.  They feel great in your hand and have an attractive design. I think they would appeal to male sewers since the black finish doesn’t hide the embossing, but it makes it seem subtle.

If I ever need to re-order, I want the black flower option.


  • Thread snips
  • Yarn snips
  • Embroidery floss snips
  • These should be used as you would thread snips and leave the heavier duty cutting to another pair of your scissors.

    If you like the appearance of these scissors and want a budget-priced option, go for it.  Just know they won’t cut fabric or anything dense.  You will, however, like how they feel in your hand!

    Are these the scissors for you?  Check out these Black Embroidery Scissors at Amazon. This is an affiliate link which means I might earn a tiny commission, but you don't pay a penny more.

    Check out these scissors in the black flower option

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