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If you sew, you have to have scissors.  The questions become what types, how many, and what are they designed for?

We will be eventually looking at

  • embroidery scissors across a wide range of prices,
  • thread snips,
  • dressmaker shears,
  • tailor’s scissors,
  • detail scissors
  • folding travel scissors,
  • heirloom quality scissors, and,
  • specialty scissors like
    • machine embroidery scissors,
    • pinking shears,
    • batting scissors,
    • buttonhole scissors
    • duckbill applique scissors


We need to start somewhere so we are starting with one of the two most important types – embroidery scissors.  And, in that category, we are first looking at budget-friendly embroidery scissors.  These little babies can be used in so many ways, and by crafters that are not fabric and pattern sewers.  We picked the budget-friendly category first because it is likely you will want many more than one pair.

Check our Embroidery Scissors reviews line-up, or maybe poke around with the reviews for Accuquilt Machines or Accuquilt Dies.

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