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Photo of six cut cupcakes

How To Cut Piles of Cute Cupcakes With The Accuquilt Go Cupcake Die

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  They signal sweet treats and celebrations.  You might not be able to taste the sweetness with appliqued cupcakes, but they are still sweet to look at and they are all about celebrations.

This fun die is only 6 by 12 inches, which means you can use it with all the Accuquilt cutting machines, even the smallest Go Me machine.  Make sure you also have a 6x12-inch mat to use with it.

Every single pass will cut one cupcake bottom and two differently shaped cupcake frosting tops from a single piece of fabric.  But you aren’t limited to that.  You can use scraps for just one or two elements and stack up to six layers of fabrics (4 layers if you are using double-sided fusible backings) for each pass through the machine.

photo showing the 3 cut shapes on the die

This is what it looks like after cutting and removing the mat and scraps of fabric.

How to Cut

Iron on the double-sided fusible to the back of the fabric according to the fusible’s directions before cutting and the cupcakes will be ready to iron into place as soon as you are done playing with pairing options.

Layer up to 6 fabric layers on the die (4 layers if using the fusible backing), cover with the 6” by 12” mat and simply run it through your machine.

Remember to slide the mat off to reduce static cling, and you have a lovely set of cupcake options to start your creations.

layering fabric on the die photo

Just layer whatever size fabrics you want on the die.

after running fabric through cutter photo

This is after running the die through the cutter and removing the mat.

green cupcake cut on the die

Green cupcake pieces that were cut, still on the die.

final cupcake photo

Green cupcake pieces with pieces placed to make a cupcake - used the smooth frosting top option.


Whether you want mounded up smooth frosting tops or the swirly top option, each cut is smooth and accurate.

Incorporating the Cupcake die into your projects adds a delightful and whimsical design element. The carefully designed die ensures that the cupcake pieces are cut precisely, allowing you to assemble them easily and achieve a professional-looking result.

The cupcake shape is instantly recognizable and brings a sense of joy and playfulness to your sewing projects. Whether you're making cupcake-themed quilts, clothing, or home decor items, the Accuquilt Go Cupcake Die enables you to create charming and eye-catching designs that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Project Ideas

The Cupcake die opens up a world of creative project possibilities.

  • Baby quilts
  • Nursery decor by appliquéing fabric cupcakes onto blankets, pillows, or wall hangings
  • Baby bibs
  • Doll quilts
  • Birthday table runners
  • Birthday flags or banners
  • A special place setting for the birthday boy or girl
  • Appliqued goody bags for birthday parties
  • Celebration table runners
  • Appliques on aprons for the baking enthusiast
  • Seasonal or special occasion wall hangings
  • Handmade birthday cards or invitations - just iron on the fusible back to blank card stock!
  • Picnic napkins
  • And, of course, quilt blocks or borders
photo of one orange cupcake
Photo of two orange cupcakes

Tips and Tricks

  • Add buttons or other trims when they work with your project's purpose
  • If you have a sewing machine that does embroidery, Accuquilt has free applique embroidery files that you can download with a purchase
  • Scrap bust by using scraps to cut each element in a different fabric (that’s up to 18 different fabric scraps in one pass) so you can mix and match to your heart’s content
  • When using the swirly top frosting cutout, check your fabric placement to make sure the little swirl on top won’t get lost in an odd design portion of the fabric
photo of nine cupcakes

My Impressions

This is a fun and useful die even if you don’t use it in full-size quilts because it adds whimsy, fun, and joy to every project it touches.  Plus, the cutout pieces are so much fun to play with while you are trying different pairings.


 The Accuquilt Go Cupcake Die is a must-have for any sewing enthusiast or crafter who wants to infuse their projects with charm and whimsy. Its versatility, design impact, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced sewers. With this die, you can create a range of delightful fabric cupcakes that will add a touch of sweetness and personality to your sewing projects. So, let your creativity run wild and indulge in the delightful world of fabric cupcakes with the Cupcake Die!

Ready to add this die to your collection?  See the Cupcakes Die at Amazon.

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