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Three finished green bowl cozies

Are you always needing to sew last-minute gifts?

In the future, you can just pull out your Accuquilt Go Big Bowl Cozy die, and quickly make beautiful, useful gifts that everyone will actually use.  Make it even faster in the future by cutting out a few more to have on hand because it is so easy to cut them.

As the name implies, this die must be used with a Go Big fabric cutter (or the Studio cutter with adaptor) – it is simply too big to fit in the smaller machines.  Make sure you have the matching 14” by 16” mat to use with it.

Why A Bowl Cozy?

I am embarrassed to say I did not know what a bowl cozy was when this die first came out.  Now, I can’t even imagine life without them!  They get used almost every day, and the die gets used often.

The Go Big Bowl Cozy die allows you to create practical and stylish bowl cozies with ease. These cozies are perfect for protecting your hands from hot or cold bowls while adding a touch of personalization to your table setting (or TV tray table).

Personalization Options

The die is designed to cut all the necessary fabric pieces, including the batting. By using different cotton fabrics, you can match your kitchen or living room décor or the décor of your recipient’s home.  Maybe sew up a stack of them for a family with lots of kids using juvenile fabrics.   Or, simply sew one in each person’s favorite color.  It is so rewarding to create thoughtful handmade gifts.

The die allows for the precise cutting of curved edges and rounded corners, ensuring that the finished bowl cozies have a professional and polished appearance. With the ability to select fabrics that complement your style, you can create cozy designs ranging from traditional or elegant to modern or whimsical, adding a personal touch to your dining experience.

How to Sew the Bowl Cozy

cutting area of die

As you can tell from the picture of the cutting area of the die, the two-tone gray allows you to easily see where the shape is located for perfect fabric placement.  Accuquilt has printable step-by-step directions for whipping up one of these.

Our family loves the color green and so all my bowl cozies are green. And since the cozies are reversible, you have two options for personalization in every bowl.  But this time, I think I will shake it up a bit and add a bit of purple to our green bowl collection.  You just need to cut out two fabric sides and one layer of batting.

Cut fabric and batting

Batting and fabric for one side cut together

Other side's fabric

The second side's cut fabric

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep in mind that if you intend to put them in the microwave, the fabric, thread, and batting must all be 100% cotton or you could cause a fire in the microwave.  We have never had a reason to use them in the microwave, however.
  • My fabric scraps tend to be pretty small, but if you have some that are at least 10.5” by 10.5”, you can bust those scraps with this die, and create beautiful cozies with them.
  • Get kids involved by letting them pick the two fabrics they want for their own bowl cozy.
  • They wash up perfectly in the washer and dryer.  The green bowls pictured have been washed a dozen times, so spilled food stains are not a problem.  Just launder them as usual with the rest of your laundry, and smooth them out a bit after drying. If you find a food stain at the last minute, just turn the bowl inside out to get you through the meal.
  • Because food will eventually be spilled on them, you might want to consider a darker or busier fabric.

My Impressions 

This makes gift giving so easy – and the gifts are beautiful and useful.  This might be my favorite Go Big Die – I know it is my most used one.  Even my twenty-something son loves them and uses them almost every day.


The Go Big Bowl Cozy die allows you to create functional and charming accessories that will impress your guests and make everyday meals a delight.  You get to combine creativity and practicality to produce unique and personalized gifts that make mealtime enjoyable and memorable.

Ready to go for this great die? Find the Go Big Bowl Cozy Die at Amazon.

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