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Looking for Tiny Embroidery Scissors to Fall in Love With?

Halo Forge 2.5-inch scissors


Beautiful black matte finish on a pair of well-made scissors, but they are really small.  If you are looking for a pair of tiny embroidery scissors to cut thread, yarn, or floss, you will love them.


These tiny embroidery scissors have a gorgeous black matte finish with the company name in light lettering on the outside of one blade.  The finish is smooth all over and they have an industrial classy vibe going on.  The finger holes are also smooth and comfortable considering their small size.

The bottom line is they are small.  They are 2.5 inches in length with a pivot-to-tip length of 0.9 inches.  At only 9 grams, they are by far the lightest pair of embroidery scissors we have evaluated.

The finger holes measure 0.6 x 0.7 inches (15 x 19 mm) – that ties for the smallest finger holes with the pink rounded-tip stork scissors.   To be fair, however, those pink scissors are an inch longer, so Halo Forge dedicated a larger proportion of the scissors to the finger holes.

Manufacturer information indicates that the entire scissor is forged from stainless steel and looking at them closely, each half does appear to be one solid piece of metal.

Angle shot of scissors.
closeup of finger holes


Like most embroidery scissors, they cut all the fibers easily except they struggled to cut some of the thicker beading cords, soutache braiding, and 1/8th inch rat-tail cording. But they did actually cut them – surprising for such small scissors.

They were able to snip single stitches in seams and the double layers of cotton ΒΌ inch seam allowances.  Strangely, they cut the fabric but not all the way to the tips.  I tried it again on a longer cut, and they cut the length of the blades, except for the final 1/8th inch near the tips.

scissor tips


Considering how small and lightweight these scissors are, they still feel substantial in my hand – not flimsy or cheap in any way.  The finish is really nice, right down to the tiny company name on the outside of the top blade.

Still, they are really TINY and so small that they feel awkward when I use them.  I prefer their big brother, the Halo Forge 3.5-inch version.

closer view of tips
2.5-inch scissors next to their big brother


  • Thread snips
  • Yarn snips
  • Embroidery floss snips
  • Fine detail paper cutting
  • Best for sewers with very small hands
  • Halo 2.5-inch embroidery scissors


    If you are looking for a pair of finely crafted tiny embroidery scissors, you will love them for cutting thread, yarn, and floss.  They also do a nice job intricately cutting single pieces of paper if you do other types of crafting.  Just remember they are tiny.

    Love these tiny Halo Forge embroidery scissors?  Find them and read more at Amazon.

    See the review on their 3.5-inch big brother.

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