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assortment of ES

All embroidery scissors should be sharp, but what else should you look for to find your best embroidery scissors?

Let’s look at 4 factors to consider 

  1. Size – Do you prefer a very small, lightweight pair or something larger and slightly heavier?  If you aren’t sure because you are looking for your first pair, I would suggest you try a middle size, around 3.5 inches in overall length.
  2. Use – How are you planning to use them?  If mainly in a sewing basket or next to a sewing machine for snipping threads, then this doesn’t limit your choices.  However, if they are going to be doing heavy-duty work like cutting beading cords, or clipping seam allowances, then you need a stronger, sharper pair.
  3. Design – Hey, these little beauties should match your design style or be a design that brings a tiny zing of joy each time you use them.  Maybe that design is whimsy, classical, modern, flowery, sleek, or a particular color.  You will find it!
  4. Cost – You are in luck because you can find good choices across a wide range of prices.  So much so, we are starting with low-cost options.

Budget-Friendly Embroidery Scissors (Under $10)

The following have finished the testing and the reviews are ready.  We have picked the upper price point for these as ten US dollars.  However, some are right up against that price break so they might edge over it.  Always double-check the current price.

ES tilted photo
photo of blue stork scissors

BIHRTC 3.6 INCH BLUE STORK EMBROIDERY SCISSORS – a very slightly blunted tip which you might like

Close up of embossing

BIHRTC BLACK 3.6 INCH SCISSORS - Understated black scissors perfect for many design tastes

retro copper scissors handles closer


another close up of rounded tip

BAMBOO MN STORK ROUNDED TIP SAFETY EMBROIDERY SCISSORS - adorable pink storks with safety rounded  tips

angled view of Asontao scissors
ASONTAO NOSE HAIR SCISSORS - Sometimes a nice pair of embroidery scissors is called something else
Halo Forge 2.5-inch scissors

HALO FORGE 2.5-inch SCISSORS -TINY, but strong

Halo 3.5 scissors with fabric circles

HALO FORGE 3.5-INCH SCISSORS - the big brother for the smaller version

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