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Get your hands on these heavy, super sharp embroidery scissors for all your sewing, and fiber crafting uses.  While they offer exceptional quality for the money, there’s a minor roughness around the pivot point, but it’s easily overlooked.

ES tilted photo


They bring to mind the kind of fancy, elegant scissors found in grandmothers’ sewing baskets from yesteryears.  The design work on the outside of the finger holes up to the pivot point is worked with a very deep floral design.  They possess a satisfying heft in your hand, offering a substantial feel in your hand.

ES filigree close up photo

The deep filigree floral design is easily seen here.

Available in 5 other colors (ancient tin, gold, rose gold, bronze, and red copper), but I opted for the silver finish.  Though I’m no expert on ‘European Vintage’ aesthetics, these scissors are undeniably stunning and shiny!

According to the manufacturer, the scissors are made from stainless steel, while the bright silver-tone handles are crafted from a high-quality zinc alloy.

Testing Results

These little beauties are 4.5 inches long, and measure 1 and 3/8 inches from pivot point to tips.  The finger holes fall into the medium to large range at 19 mm wide and 23 mm long.  These are the heaviest embroidery scissors tested so far at 40 grams.

The exterior of the blades boasts a smooth finish, except for a slight roughness near the back of the pivot screw and a small ridge where the exterior design ends just before the pivot point.  We’ve captured this detail in the close-up photo. The interiors of the finger holes are smooth and rounded but your fingers may occasionally encounter the exterior ornamentation during use.  However, it isn’t distracting, and it went unnoticed until close inspection for this review.

ES close up back of pivot point

You can see the slightly uneven ridge on the back of the pivot point.

ES close up of finger hole endings

These scissors are exceptionally sharp!  They effortlessly cut through all the fibers tested, including the challenging soutache and 1/8th inch rat tail cord.  Double layers of cotton fabric with ¼ inch seams were also easily clipped.  The tips were fine enough to snip average stitch-length seam threads.

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Or continue reading for my impressions and their best uses.

My Impressions

You guessed it – I love these scissors.  They match the longest scissors tested at 4.5 inches and are also the heaviest.  They are beautiful and due to the deep embellishment, they are pretty easy to pick up off a tabletop.

ES close up of finger hole photo

Best Uses

These scissors excel at everything you’d normally use embroidery scissors for.  They are perfect for all your thread, yarn, cording, beading, and embroidery needs.


If you prefer slightly larger and heavier scissors, you will love these.  However, if you lean towards a smaller or lighter option, you should probably check out one of the smaller pairs. Keep in mind that if you work with very delicate fabrics, you need to be cautious to not lay the back of the pivot point on truly delicate fabrics.

ES with red fabric leaves

In summary, these scissors are an excellent choice for anyone seeking exceptional performance without breaking the bank.  These scissors will perform well for all your thread, yarn, cording, beading, and yes, embroidery needs.

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Check them out in bronze - I really like that color too.

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