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angled view of Asontao scissors

Surprising Nose Hair Scissors - Great Value - Sewer Gag Gift Options


A good low-cost choice for rounded tip safety embroidery scissors even though they won’t handle cutting fabric or thicker fibers.  They are extremely smooth to the touch, even the often-troublesome back of the pivot.


These scissors might be marketed as nose hair – eyebrow – eyelash – mustache trimming scissors, but they make a very cost-effective choice as rounded tip safety embroidery scissors.  Plus, you can surely think of at least one sewer who would appreciate the humor of receiving a pair of nose hair scissors.

Humor aside they are a decent pair of embroidery scissors.

Although they are average size at 3 5/8 inches long, with a pivot-to-tip length of 1 ¼ inches, they are surprisingly light at only 15 grams.  The finger holes are a comfortable 18 x 21 mm in size.
Everything is very smooth to the touch, even the back side of the pivot point (which is sometimes rough on other low-cost embroidery scissors).

This pair is the traditional silver-toned stainless-steel color, but it also comes in black- or gold-colored versions for a dollar more.

Asontao scissors with blue fabric

Gleaming scissor option

The manufacturer lists them as being made from stainless steel and each half of the scissors appears to be made of a single piece of metal.


Although these nose hair scissors were designed to cut lightweight strands of hair, they performed similarly to most embroidery scissors.  They struggled with some of the heavier beading cords and couldn’t cut the 1/8th inch rat-tail, nor the 2 layers of cotton fabric.

Obviously, they could also not be used to clip individual seam stitches due to their safety-rounded tips.
Closeup open tips
closeup closed tips


I was surprised that they felt so comfortable in my hand since I usually prefer larger scissors.  Maybe it was some combination of how smooth they are, with their lightweight and nearly round finger holes.

They make a no-nonsense option for embroidery scissors and the other available colors of black or gold might be just the thing for you.  Plus, you can’t ignore the subtle humor of giving nose hair scissors to a fellow sewer or maybe to a male sewer who is keeping his sewing activities under wrap.
side view of scissors

Best (Sewing) Uses for these scissors:

  • Cutting threads
  • Cutting yarns
  • Embroidery floss snips
 Also, a good option for someone looking for the safety of rounded tips.
scissors on blue circle


A conversational starter option for safety tip embroidery scissors.  Limit your expectations to cutting threads or other thin fibers and enjoy their extra smooth exterior.  You will find this smoothness very welcoming, both in your hand and when placing them on delicate fabric.

Interested in getting some nose hair scissors for your sewing basket?  You can find the Asontao scissors at Amazon.  This is an affiliate link which means I might earn a tiny commission, but you don't pay a penny more.

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