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photo of blue stork scissors



A cute pair of embroidery scissors best suited for snipping thread and yarn – not fabric.  Average size and medium-light weight make them a good choice for women or girls with small to average hands.


These scissors are an average size for embroidery scissors.  They are 3.6 inches in overall length and 1 1/8 inches from pivot point to tip, with fingerholes 0.6 inches wide and 0.7 inches tall.  The fingerholes are smooth, as are the outside of the blades.  They weigh in at only 20 grams making them a medium-light choice.

Whimsical is the best way to describe their design with raised detail on the body and legs of the stork.  Pretty blue, purple, and green flowers on a white/light-blue background extend over the stork design and finger holes.

The manufacturer says they are made of stainless steel and metal, so I am not really sure what their actual composition is overall.


Sharp blades resulted in their being able to cut all the fibers tested, but they struggled a bit with the soutache and rat tail.  Otherwise, they handled all the threads, ribbon, elastic, and yarn just fine.

They failed to precisely clip a double layer cotton fabric ¼ inch seam allowance, so if you want to use them for that, you need to pick a different pair.

However, the tip was small enough to clip single average stitch length stitches.  I was a little surprised they were able to do this since the tips are very slightly blunted at the points.  These would probably be a good choice for use with a leather scissor tip cover because the tips would be less likely to poke through the end of the cover.

blue stork close up of tips


blue stork with fabric photo

Even though they are fairly average-sized embroidery scissors, they seemed a bit small in my hand.  My hands are larger than most women’s hands, so you might find them a comfortable fit.

They are very cute and their design should appeal to a lot of girls and women.

I like my embroidery scissors to have a bit more weight with sharper blades, but for the price, they are a solid choice.


Their best uses would be:

  • Thread snips
  • Yarn snips
  • Embroidery snips
  • Small scissors for your sewing basket
  • Sewers who prefer a very slightly blunted tip to help avoid accidental jabs in your hands
close up blue stork scissors photo


They are a cute pair of embroidery scissors that a lot of sewers would like if they just want to cut thread or yarn tails.  However, there are other scissors that are sharper, even in the budget price range, that you might prefer if you need something for more demanding cutting.

Are these the scissors for you?  Check out these Blue Stork Embroidery Scissors at Amazon. This is an affiliate link which means I might earn a tiny commission, but you don't pay a penny more.

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