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Accuquilt line-up of machines photo

I love so many things about quilting: the fabric, the planning, the sewing, the quilting, and the finished creation.  But, I used to dislike two aspects of creating quilts: cutting the fabric and basting the quilts before quilting.  Since I found Accuquilt, I now love everything except the basting.


Welcome to the world of Accuquilt cutting machines, where precision meets convenience in the realm of fabric cutting. Accuquilt Go fabric cutting machines are essential tools for quilters and other sewing enthusiasts, revolutionizing the way fabrics are cut for various projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, these machines offer incredible benefits and streamline the cutting process, allowing you to achieve accurate and consistent results every time. Get ready to experience the joy of effortless fabric cutting with Accuquilt Go.

Benefits of Accuquilt Cutting Machines

Accuquilt cutting machines bring a multitude of benefits to your quilting journey. First and foremost, they provide unmatched precision, ensuring that every fabric piece is cut with accuracy and consistency. This precision saves you time and effort compared to traditional cutting methods, giving you more time to focus on the creative aspects of your projects.

They save you a ton of time!  Need I say more?

Additionally, Accuquilt machines help reduce fabric waste by optimizing the use of each piece, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With Accuquilt, you can enjoy the advantages of efficient, precise, and waste-free fabric cutting.

How Accuquilt Cutting Machines Work

Accuquilt cutting machines operate on a simple yet effective cutting system. The heart of the system lies in the use of specialized dies that are placed on the machine's cutting surface. These dies are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to cut the fabric into precise shapes for quilting, appliqué, and other sewing projects.

With a turn of the handle or push of a button, the die, loaded with fabric and topped with a special cutting mat, the machine simply rolls the die under a roller that applies pressure to the die.  This pressure then cuts through multiple layers of fabric in one swift motion.

The result is clean, accurate fabric pieces that are ready to be used in your creations.  Accuquilt Go cutting machines are compatible with various types of fabric, making them versatile tools for all your fabric-cutting needs.

Models of Go Cutters

Accuquilt makes three models of Accuquilt Go cutters. 

  • The Original Go Cutter
  • The Go Big Cutter
  • The Go Me Cutter

Accuquilt also makes a Studio cutter and Studio dies designed primarily for stores and organizations.  Since I don’t have a Studio cutter and you cannot use the Studio dies in the Go machines, none of the Studio products are reviewed here.

Photo of original Go cutter

The Original Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter

The Accuquilt Go fabric cutter is the perfect companion for small to large-sized quilting projects. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to take to workshops, quilting retreats, or simply to move around your sewing space.

The Go fabric cutter is compatible with a wide range of dies, giving you the freedom to choose from countless designs and shapes. In fact, you can use all of the Go dies with this machine, except for the Go Big dies.

With its ergonomic handle and smooth operation, this cutter provides a user-friendly experience for quilters of all skill levels.  Interested?  Read its full review.

Go Big cutter photo

Accuquilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutter

For larger cutting needs and added convenience, the Accuquilt Go Big electric fabric cutter is a game-changer. With its electric-powered cutting mechanism, you can effortlessly cut through multiple layers of fabric with the push of a button. The Go Big cutter offers increased cutting capacity, accommodating larger dies and enabling you to tackle ambitious quilting projects with ease. This electric fabric cutter brings speed and efficiency to your fabric-cutting process, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspects of your quilting.  Intrigued? Fall in love after reading its Full Review.

Go Me cutting machine

Accuquilt Go Me Fabric Cutter

The newest cutter is the small Go Me cutter.  It can use dies that are 5 or 6 inches wide.  Just because it is small and easy to carry around doesn’t mean you can’t cut a lot of fabric with it.  The biggest die that works with it is an impressive 6x24-inch.  Its small size makes it extremely easy to take with you, store and set up.  If you have more than one cutter, you will be amazed at how often you reach for this little workhorse.  Want to know more about this little cutie?  Check out the Full Review.

Choosing the Right Accuquilt Cutting Machine

When it comes to choosing the right Accuquilt cutting machine for your needs, consider factors such as the size of your quilting projects, portability requirements, and budget constraints.

If you primarily work on small to medium-sized projects or need a portable option, the Go or Go Me fabric cutters are excellent choices. On the other hand, if you tackle larger quilting endeavors and prefer electric-powered convenience, the Go Big electric fabric cutter is worth considering.

Also, consider which dies you are going to most use.  The Go Me uses dies 5 or 6 inches wide, the original Go uses all the dies except for the Go Big dies, and the Go Big can use all the Go and Go Big dies.

Do you have any hand arthritis or arm weakness issues?  If so, you might appreciate the push-button ease of the Go Big machine, even if it is larger and takes up more space.

These days, your budget is also a factor.  Do you feel easing into this type of investment might be best served by starting with the lowest-cost Go Me machine, or are you excited enough to jump into the deep waters with the powerful and versatile Go Big machine?

 Assess your specific requirements to select the Accuquilt cutting machine that best fits your quilting aspirations.

Getting Started with Accuquilt Cutting Machines

Getting started with Accuquilt cutting machines is a breeze. Begin by selecting the machine that aligns with your needs and style of quilting. Familiarize yourself with the different dies available, as they determine the shapes and designs you can create. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up your machine and ensure proper usage.

It's important to choose the right cutting mat and stack the fabric layers accordingly for optimal cutting results. With very little practice, you'll quickly become comfortable with your Accuquilt cutting machine and unlock its full potential for your quilting and crafting projects.


Accuquilt cutting machines are transformative tools that bring precision, convenience, and creative possibilities to your quilting journey. With their ability to cut fabric accurately and efficiently, these machines enhance your productivity and allow you to focus on the joy of quilting.

Whether you opt for the Go fabric cutter, Go Big electric fabric cutter or the smaller Go Me fabric cutter, Accuquilt offers a range of die options to suit different project sizes and preferences. Embrace the possibilities, dive into the world of Accuquilt Go cutting machines, and experience the thrill of effortless fabric cutting in your quilting endeavors.

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