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Go Big Fabric Cutter


We all love bigger and better, especially when it turns something manual into something electric-powered or when it means access to even bigger dies.  I know I wanted it the minute I first saw it.

But, that can be a rather personal decision because it truly is an investment in your sewing – whether as a hobby or a home-based business.  Let’s look at some of the times when this investment makes good sense.

  • You are really busy and it would be a lifesaver to speed up your fabric cutting
  • You have a home-based sewing business and it makes sense in terms of speed and efficiency to harness electricity to help
  • It is getting harder to cut fabric due to arthritis in your hands
  • You have other health issues that a power-based cutter would save you pain or discomfort, such as
    • Arm muscle weakness
    • Hand muscle weakness
    • Trembling fingers or hands
    • Hand or arm nerve damage
    • Back problems
  • You have a home-based sewing business and you would like to add some of the Go Big dies to help with the creation of some of your offerings like bowl cozies
  • You would like to make some of the bigger block-on-board quilt blocks like the 12-inch churn dash or 12-inch crazy quilt blocks
  • And maybe the most important one - You just love the speed and convenience of a large electric cutter

I admit the last reason was why I bought it, and I have never regretted it.  Sewing and quilting are my one indulgence, and so I indulge. 

With its motorized functionality, you can say goodbye to manual cutting efforts and let the machine do the work for you. The Go Big cutter is a game-changer, enabling you to easily tackle ambitious quilting projects while ensuring precise and accurate cuts every time.

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When folded up to slip into your closet, this machine measures 19x6x11 inches, and when open for business, it is 19x18.5x6 inches.  The major size difference from the other machines is its weight.  Because it is motorized it weighs in at 23 pounds, which makes it harder to take with you somewhere else.

Go Big facing in photo

Go Big Machine Opened up Showing Platform Leading into Roller Area

Its push-button action is powered by a motor that effortlessly pulls the die under the roller – sweet!

The Go Big cutter in these photos was purchased in 2014 and it has seen a LOT of use and a few moves.  Take a look – it still looks like new even though it has been moved around and frequently used over the last NINE years.  It appears to be a well-built product, and I have never had any issues with it.


This machine is compatible with ALL the Accuquilt Go dies, including the Go Big dies that were designed just for it.  It can use dies measuring:

  • 5x10 inches
  • 6x6 inches
  • 6x12 inches
  • 6x24 inches
  • 10x10 inches
  • 10x24 inches, and
  • 14x16 inches!
Go Big machine loaded with die and mat photo

The Accuquilt Go Big cutter loaded with die and mat ready to cut

That is currently over 400 dies!

You can also double up your cutting by running through two dies at once, effectively cutting 12 layers of fabric at once (divided between two dies).

As always, you get the same precision-cut pieces – just even faster and easier.


In conclusion, the Accuquilt Go Big electric fabric cutter is a must-have tool for quilters seeking efficiency, convenience, and the ability to handle larger quilting projects. Its powerful motorized functionality saves you time and effort by swiftly cutting through multiple layers of fabric.  It is also a particularly attractive option if you have some health issues that interfere with other cutting methods.

The Go Big cutter's compatibility with all of the Accuquilt Go dies gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity and explore countless design possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting on your quilting journey, the Accuquilt Go Big electric fabric cutter offers a reliable and user-friendly solution that enhances your quilting experience. If you invest in the Go Big cutter, you will experience the joy of precise, effortless fabric cutting, allowing you to bring your quilting projects to new heights.

Ready to elevate your quilting experience with the Accuquilt Go Big electric fabric cutter?  Or want to learn more? 

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Find this wonder at Amazon to learn more and see more pictures.  It is currently bundled with a flying geese die, a 6x12 inch mat, and a pattern booklet.

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