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Pile of circles photo

If you have ever tried to cut perfect circles from fabric, you know it is a slow and tedious job.  This die changes all that.  In just minutes you can have piles of perfectly cut circles! 


This die cuts 6 perfect 3-inch circles from just one layer of fabric and since you can cut 6 layers of fabric at a time, that means that in just one pass you can have 36 perfect circles!

You will need to use the original Go! Cutter or the Go Big cutter, since the die is too wide for the smaller, Go Me machine.  You will also need a 10-inch square cutting mat – remember the dies don’t usually come with a mat unless you are getting a featured bundle.

Accuquilt Go 3 inch circles die


The 3-inch circles die offers remarkable versatility, allowing you to create beautiful circle shapes effortlessly. These circles can be used in a variety of quilting projects, such as appliqué designs, medallion quilts, or adding decorative elements to quilt blocks. Additionally, the circles can be combined with other Accuquilt Go dies to create unique patterns and designs, giving you endless possibilities to explore your creativity and make your quilts stand out.

The inclusion of the 3-inch circles die in your quilting arsenal can have a significant impact on your designs. Circles are useful shapes that can add depth, movement, and visual interest to your quilting projects. They can be used to create eye-catching motifs or to soften the overall aesthetic of your quilt.

Die with one circle


You will find plenty of uses for these circles outside of your quilts, too.  I use these circles extensively to add visual movement and appeal to the photographs I take for this website. 

If you keep swatch cards of your fabric, think about how pretty fusing a circle of it onto your cards would be. 

You can add circles to a baby bib in your favorite colors or to match a baby quilt.

And, how about making simple Christmas ornaments with a child?  Simply fuse two layers of pretty fabric together before you cut out the circles, then punch a hole near the edge so a child could run a ribbon through it for hanging.  Or punch holes all along the edge and let a child ‘sew’ it by running a ribbon around and through the holes.

Tips and Tricks

As with all their applique dies, they are designed to have a two-sided fusible web applied to the fabric before cutting.  Then it will be ready when you want to fuse it into place on your project.  However, you don’t need to do it that way.  You can cut the fabric without a fusible and attach the applique with a turned edge, needle turned, or plain old raw edge technique.

If you use a lot of circles, this is also a great die to use up scraps since you don’t need to cut all 6 circles from one fabric.

circle close-up

My Impressions:

This is a very easy die to use.  The appliques are large and easy to handle.  Cutting these circles would be a good opportunity to craft with a child.  Pulling off those pretty circles is delightful every time.


Go for it if you like lots of circles!

This die is not currently being offered by Accuquilt, so check out these other dies with all circles:  Circles of 2, 3, and 5 inches, 4 sizes of circles ranging from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches, or the Go Big Circles 4, 6, 7, and 8-inch circles.

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